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Author: [profile] firenzesun
Fandom: Torchwood.
Title: It's been good, Yeah?
Rating: PG-13.
Beta: None, yet. So sorry for any mistakes made during the translation.
Genre: Sci-Fi, drama, angst, adventure. Tragedy?
Warnings: In future chapters, too much angst and sex. Don't expect a very happy ending.
Paring; Jack/Ianto.
Summary: Post Miracle Day. A not exactly fix-it fic. Torchwood has been rebuilt, and Jack, Gwen plus a new member find themselves traped in the middle of a collision between alternative realities, a conspiracy and a Ianto who's alive but had never known anything about Torchwood.

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Title: Touching a Nerve
Author: tonjavmoore
Rating: R for innuendo and somewhat graphic descriptions of harm to humans

Written for the Post-Christmas Crossover Fest at torchwood_fest

Crossover with: Criminal Minds
Prompt: Torchwood requests that the BAU help profile some alien species in order to catch them. Would like a case fic, but underlying... Hotch is hesitant to start a relationship with Reid since he is his boss... Jack and Ianto notice the tension and offer their advice to move the couple forward into a relationship. Nothing too fluffy, I like when they are the manly men they are... but definitely obvious affection/desire between the couples.
Word Count: This part - 6112
Summary: The BAU is loaned to the United Kingdom to help find a serial torture/rape killer who's been dumping bodies in Caerphilly Castle's moat. Torchwood is brought in when they find that the bodies that haven't completely decomposed are found to have no nerve tissue left, apparently eaten from the inside out. They need to work together to get rid of the threat.
Timeframe: Classic Torchwood with no dead people in it. Criminal Minds at least a year after the mess with Foyet.
Characters from Torchwood: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Kathy Swanson
Characters from Criminal Minds: Aaron Hotchner, Dr. Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia
Pairings: Jack/Ianto and a taste of Hotch/Reid
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood nor do I own Criminal Minds. They belong to other people. I have no intentions on disrupting anyone's copyrights. I just like to play in the sandbox.
Warnings: Descriptions of torture/rape victims, really icky aliens, and some more gross subjects. Nothing very graphic occurs on stage, but it may trouble some people to hear it talked about.

Link to all parts:


Mar. 1st, 2012 10:13 pm
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Title: Numbers
Author: [personal profile] darkwingduckie7
Summary: Oneshot. Tosh imprisoned in a UNIT cell… character exploration.

Character: Tosh

Word Count: 765

Rating: R

Warning: Vague references to past violence and rape.

Disclaimer: I don’t own TW or Tosh.

A/N: First fic exploring Tosh’s character. I tried to imagine what would go through her head when stuck n a UNIT cell. Spoilers for Fragments episode of TW. It is written in first person and it is the first time I tried this style of writing so please review and let me know if it works or not.

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Title: Torchwood Paranormal, Part One
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Author: [personal profile] veronicaluv
Totally AU, no apologies from stealing anything (or anyone) from original Torchwood.
Romance, to be posted in parts.

Link to all parts:
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Title: Twos and Blues: 34/?
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary: Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures.
Words: this chapter 7250 – another extra long one to make up for the delay!

Link to all parts:
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Author: [personal profile] wanda1969

Title: "Back Stage: Enter Stage Left, Act I"
Rating: Varies between chapters- all warnings posted with each chapter.

Spoilers/Disclaimers : Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters- I own nothing here, nor do I make any money! So please don't prosecute! It’s an AU story, so I’m pretty sure that it shouldn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment of Torchwood itself.
Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the contemporary world of UK theatre/entertainment.

A/N: Another AU, I’m afraid! Fun, friendship, romance and behind the scenes shenanigens… focussing on Ianto Jones (a lighting engineer) and Jack Harkness (a jobbing actor/’turn’). Apologies, again, for lj’s expected font changes.

Links to all parts here:
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Title: The Sea After a Storm
Author: [personal profile] buttononthetop
Rating: NC-17 overall
Length: TBD (in progress)
Summary: This is the sequel to Vizzini's Rule and To The Pain, my Ianto-centric gap-fillers. This story covers the events of Season Two.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Varies by chapter, please read carefully. Overall, I’ll give it a TV-MA (L for language, S for explicit sexual content, V for violence, and another S for slash)
Spoilers: ALL episodes of Torchwood Season One and Season Two. Also spoilers for Season Three of Doctor Who.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to my amazing beta and wonderful friendthrace_adamsfor all the help and support; any mistakes are mine. And a special thanks tocjharknessgirl for my supercool story banner anddraw_yourworld for the supercool story icon! If you would like to catch up, you can find a PDF of the first 35 Chapters here.
Disclaimer: Torchwood and all its wonderfulness belong to the Mighty Beeb and He Who Must Not Be Named. No infringement, only worship intended!

Link to all parts:
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Title: The Man in Grey.
Author: evalentine99
Rating: Mature 16+
Genre: Recovery / Trauma
Pairings Jack/Ianto Tosh, Owen, Gwen, 11th Doctor, Martha Jones, OC’s, and Billy.
Alternate time line.
This story was inspired by Danse Macabre’s ‘Innocent Damage’ which can be found on Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

Beta: milady_dragon Torchwood- Copyright BBC. This Fan fiction has been created for enjoyment and is not for profit.

This fiction has some very dark moments especially during the first part.

Jack has gone to be with the Doctor. During his absence Ianto disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye.

Link to all parts:
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Title: America Needs a Doctor.
Author: Snowdarkred
Rating: pg

Summary: Crossover with the West Wing.

Amy Pond is the Communications Director. Donna Noble is the Campaign Manager. Doctor Martha Jones is the Running Mate.

Doctor John Smith is the Candidate.

Also featuring: Rose Tyler-Smith, former FBI agent-turned-political wife; Mickey Smith, her chief of staff; Captain Jack Harkness, policy wiz; Ianto Jones, his long-suffering assistant; and Doctor Owen Harper, unfortunate underling.

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Title: Who Gives This Man That He May Be

Author: [personal profile] stone_princess
Fandom: Suits/Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Harvey, Harvey/Mike
Rating: 18+
Category: alternate universe, adult content, angst, alternate history, crossover
Spoilers: Not really, but a passing familiarity with one or (preferably) both canons might help understand what I thought I was doing with this.
Date: Dec 2011
Word count: 26,243

Summary: Jack finds a young Harvey in trouble and asks his old friend Jessica to help out.

Disclaimer: This is a not-for-profit, non-commercial transformative work, created by a fan and intended only for amusement purposes. I owe the creators of Suits and Torchwood a huge debt for giving me something wonderful to work with. I do not own or have any rights to the characters here within. Please do not archive without my permission.

Note: Because this is my own magically created universe, 2011 coincides with approximately halfway through Torchwood Season 2. Everyone is alive and, you know, happy. Also I think Jack captures Trevor and freezes him in the Torchwood vaults. I'm not saying for sure, I mean, no one really knows, but he doesn't appear to be around to cause havoc for Mike or anyone else.

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Title: [Interlude Two] Ianto's Dreams
Author: [personal profile] fathomlessspite
Series: A Good Old Normal, Human Life
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Rating: G
Word Count: 353
Pairing: Gen, hint of John Hart/Ianto one sided flirting
Summary: Ianto's having flashes of his alternate self's life.
A/N: Set in 'Rose's universe' where The Doctor left her and TenII at the end of Journey's End, this follows on from A Good Old Normal, Human Life & Data Compression. I'm working on the next part and this snippet was necessary but didn't quite fit in the story. So think of it as a teaser I suppose for It Goes On.

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I was going to use a standard template but given the size of the job copy/paste of the headers as they are found is going to be the format from now on.
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Title: Mutually Beneficial
Author: [personal profile] jooles34
Word Count: 3113
Pairing/characters: Owen/Ianto, Jack (Hints of Jack/Ianto)
Rating: 18
Summary: Owen and Ianto have ways of looking after each other, and Owen needs some support right now.
Warnings: Sex and swearing. Well, it is Owen.
Setting/Time: ‘Missing scenes’ at the end of Combat.
Beta: emyrldlady
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or any of the characters.
A/N Written for the_silver_sun as a pitch hit in torchwood_fest Christmas fest, but only just getting around to posting.

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Title: Reassuring Constants
Author: [profile] harkpad02
Rating: T

Summary: Follow-up to "Seeing by Candlelight" - Jack and Ianto walk Cardiff after their dinner date upon Jack's return from TYTNW. Ianto adds to files he's keeping in his head about Jack as Jack shares some of his memories of Cardiff places and finds another definition for Ianto.Thanks to firesnap, who echoed a thought I'd had about how well Jack must know Cardiff, and that's what inspired this follow-up.


Additional information: Link to Seeing by Candlelight:


Mar. 1st, 2012 09:20 pm
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Title: Temptation
Author: [personal profile] fajrdrako
Rating: g

Summary: None given, but Jack, Gwen and the last piece of cake mostly covers it.



Mar. 1st, 2012 09:16 pm
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Title: Cashmere
Author: [profile] qafkinnetic
Rating: pg13

Summary: Takes place after Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Ianto finally gets a good look at Jack, finally sees the changes, and knows something's wrong.

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Title: Opportunities/One door closes...and a window opens (12/22)
Author: [personal profile] madbottoms
Rating: pg

Summary: The holiday season is coming up and Ianto Jones is stuck without a job, with very little money and not too many prospects. So when he is offered a job for two weeks, he readily accepts. But this new job may become complicated when he realises that the man who broke his heart years before is the grandson of his new employer.

Link to all parts:
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Title: Torchwood Revised
Author: [personal profile] confused_bliss
Rating: nc17

Summary: Our story begins with the meeting between Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones. This is Torchwood centered – much in canon – with my own vision thrown into the mix. The story will progress with canon Torchwood moments, with some changes along the way.

Link to all parts:
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Title: Site for Sore Eyes
Author: [profile] iantosdreamer46
Rating: nc17

Summary: Jack is the owner of a construction company and has been asked by his two friends to build their new house in Cardiff. Ianto goes to work for Jack after leaving London and his ex girlfriend.

Link for entire series:


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